When Is A Horse Too Old For Races

The age bar for racing horses was not formalized till a few decades ago as most breeders allowed their horses to race from the time they completed two years of age. With the growth of professional practices in horse racing there was growing criticism of using young horses for racing. So breeders began racing them from age of three years and then retiring them at ten to fifteen years. According to experts, horses become skeletally mature only at the age of five years and racing them before that age will lead to muscular and joint injuries that can impair their ability to race for a long duration of time.

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10 year old racing horses

There are a number of horses that manage to stay active in races at the age of 10 years. After a few initial years of racing when horses show signs of exhaustion along with wear and tear of muscles and tendons, they are sent away for a few years of rest and recuperation. During this period horses are given plenty of exercise under trainers and farmhands on a daily basis to prepare them for races. Every racing horse is given a year or two of rest before being introduced to racing tracks again after regular practice.

Retirement age

Depending on a racing horse’s physical condition and lack of serious injuries it may be used for races till the age of 15 years though at some racetracks there are age restrictions for thoroughbred horses. Trainers and breeders accept the fact that standard-bred horses cannot race beyond the age of 13 years even if they are in good health. Though most states do not have limitations for horses during races, New York limits it to 14 years to avoid injury and possible death. To keep young horses in top racing condition, trainers insist that they should not be kept away from the race track for too long during their rest periods as it makes them unfit to take on the stress of racing again.

Most Popular Payment Software Types

The issue of exchanging money in online gambling has not often blessed patrons with the uttermost clarity. In the online gaming industries formative years, many were skeptical as to just how safe giving and receiving money was, or could ever be. When the internet was new news, not many individuals would have even ever considered spending money over it, let alone gambling money over it. As time passed however, more people became partial to the idea of it – helped along the way by the always trustworthy titans of secure online depositing still out there doing business to this day.

                 different online payment methods


Perhaps the most famous payment service of its kind active world-over today, PayPal was founded back in 1998. In the time since it was founded, the service has established itself as the trendsetter within its industry. Making its name as a subsidiary of eBay, the service is now used in all forms of business and as a primary fund transferring tool within modern online gaming and gambling.


Formerly known as Moneybookers, Skrill is an e-commerce organisation which allows for streamlined and safe payments between parties over the internet. Essentially the British version of PayPal, the service is used world-over and is favoured by many online gambling enthusiasts within the UK and elsewhere throughout the world.


Available in 15 languages and with a gross annual turnover of $89million, there’s no denying that Neteller owns its own considerably-sized chunk of the e-wallet market. A little less known than our other two cos, the service is the first choice of thousands of businesses and individuals alike.

Mobile Casino and Betting Action in the United Kingdom

Mobile casino and bettingWhich European nation can be considered to be the most active in terms of gambling? Can societal and cultural traits be directly tied to attitudes about wagering and casino gaming?

One could easily think of Ireland as a nation associated with a propensity towards games of chance, and this assumption would be entirely based on the “luck of the Irish” folklore. As it happens, Ireland actually has more of an active role developing mobile casino apps and games than actually playing them.

Germany is a major market for mobile casino action; however, it does not come close to the United Kingdom. Specifically, the beautiful Scottish city of Glasgow, historically known as a cradle of philosophers and shipbuilders, is also home to a substantial number of mobile casino players.

Internet Casino Play and Sports Wagering in the UK

In July 2015, a gaming website dedicated to online roulette games conducted a survey among more than 2,000 players from 12 European nations about their attitudes towards gambling. The survey revealed that one out of four British residents are enjoying mobile casinos these days, but the figures from Glasgow are even more revealing.

When it comes to mobile slot machines and online roulette games, Glasgow residents are betting an average of $200 euros per year, more than any other average in other European cities. The nice Scottish people, on average, are not afraid to plunk down nearly 1,700 euros per year on sports wagers.

UK bookmakers tend to like Scottish players, who seem to enjoy gambling at its purest form, which means that they live by the doctrine of “win some, lose some.” The Association of British Bookmakers estimates that 70 percent of Scottish society engages in a game of chance now and then.

Casino Action Online Casino Review

The online gaming industry is in equal parts outrageous and productive when it comes to naming its businesses

With a name like Casino Action Online Casino, certain expectations are set before the front page of this new website is even fully loaded!

As far as industries go, the online gaming industry is in equal parts outrageous and productive when it comes to naming its businesses. While most names are indicative of a certain theme which runs throughout the site and the wider casino itself, some can be completely unrelated. Casino Action is a unique online casino in the sense that it falls into both the former and the latter categories. On the one hand, the level of games on offer here is great, though on the other it’s got no real sense of ‘action’, or otherwise, which sets it apart from other sites of its kind.

One thing which does stand on its own as being highly unique however are the bonuses on offer at the Casino Action Casino. There are two in total, both of which offer a nice alternative to the other. The first option is the EUR1250 free play bonus, in which players are given this amount to play with for one hour. They can make up to EUR100 in this time and can then claim this amount as their bonus. Even in the event that they lose the lot, they’ll be offered the chance to redeem themselves via the holy ‘Second Chance Wheel’ which will determine the bonus amount. Either way you win! The second bonus offer is a straight up 100% addition to your first deposit EUR40 or more. Not quite as fun, but hey – not too bad!

As far as customer support and banking options go, this is a safe bet with fully reliable software in place to ensure a safe and fun gaming experience for one and for all.

Drop in Gaming Revenue of Macau Casinos

This certainly is not the best of the times for casinos in Macau. In fact, it may actually be among the lowest points in the history of gambling revenues recorded in the casinos of the city. As per a report by the Statistics and Census Service of the city, March 2015 was the worst time for Macau-based casinos after the melt-down experienced in 2012 (September). Around 2.27 million people visited casinos in Macau in March 2015, which depicted a decline of 13.5 percent compared to the figures of March 2014.


Gambling market in casino badly hit

Moreover, the gaming revenue of the gambling industry in Macau also saw a sharp dip with an almost 40 percent decline in the numbers compared annually. The industry, which witnessed a steady growth for about ten years was booming a few years ago. However, since the past ten years, it has been struggling with falling numbers. The punters are blaming it on the corruption crackdown by the national government, which is keeping the high rollers from playing at casinos in the city.

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Government interference

Tourists trying their luck at casinos in Macau were a prominent part of the revenue of the industry. In the first four months of the year, about 70 percent gamblers from the home country visited casinos in Macau, but since March the number has been declining steeply. A drop of 17.6 percent was recorded in the numbers when compared with those of March 2014.

Angus Chan and Anthony Wong, analysts from UBS Securities Asia Ltd predicted that the numbers are expected to fall even in the future. They said that the figures could fall down by almost 40 percent for the month of April.

A New Players’ Paradise is Under Construction in Edmonton

Baccarat casino in Edmonton is under constructionEdmonton is saying “Au revoir” to the venerable Baccarat Casino and ushering in construction on a bigger, better casino, just across the street.

Edmonton’s Baccarat Casino is set to be torn down and relocated as part of an effort to revitalize the downtown Edmonton area. The Baccarat Casino had a poor reputation, and the city council, for one, is glad to see it go. The Baccarat Casino was often mocked by Edmonton residents as one of the “ugliest buildings” in the city, and gamblers across the country were relieved by news of the impending move. A cramped, one-storey building, the Baccarat Casino was just too small for the ambitions of its players.

$100k guaranteed every sunday at BOVADA - Join nowThe new building is already in the early stages of construction, and it has a new name, too: the Grand Villa. Construction on the new home of gambling in Edmonton begins in earnest starting in late 2015.

Both the old Baccarat Casino and the new Grand Villa are owned and operated by Gateway Casinos. Although it will be just next door to the old building, Gateway Casinos CEO Tony Santo says the new Grand Villa will be “worlds away” from the Baccarat Casino, which only had one snack bar and limited parking. The Grand Villa will be “a place where people can go, have a good time, be entertained and if you want to gamble, you can do that, too,” said Santo at a news conference announcing the move.

The Grand Villa will be a $32-million, 60,000-square-foot gamblers’ paradise right in the middle of downtown Edmonton. But the Grand Villa promises to be much more than just a casino. There will be large entertainment spaces, several fine restaurants and, of course, plenty of tables offering all flavors of baccarat, poker and blackjack.

Play Frank Online Offers Free Spins To Newbies

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New online casinos always bring cheer to players, like the great new Play Frank Casino with interesting titles and responsive customer service. Besides the eclectic mix of slots and table games, the website also offers poker games, arcade games and scratch cards. You can win fantastic sums on jackpots and also enjoy an interactive live casino so you can enjoy the atmosphere while sitting at home. The games can be played on smartphones and tablets as this website is compatible for all mobile operating systems.

 Bonus for newcomers

Play Frank is generous with gifts to newcomers and will provide deposit bonus to them. Different deposit bonuses will be given depending on deposit amounts. A player making a deposit of € 150 for first time will get full 100% bonus and on second deposit of € 50 will get 50% off while on third deposit of € 50 he will be able to get a further bonus of 25 percent. If you make a fourth time deposit of € 100 you can get another bonus of 50 percent.

About Frank Online casino

Play Frank Casino Offers Free Spins To Newbies

The website is recognized for its fair-play and honesty in its dealings with new and old customers. As a part of Trusted Media International, PlayFrank is a licensed casino is a new casino powered by Net Entertainment which partners with some of the top names in the industry for live games like iSoftBet, Net Entertainment, NYX and BetSoft. Their numbers are tested and certified with Random Number Generator to ensure that all outcomes are original and cannot be manipulated in any manner. To make payment gateways safe for customers PlayFrank is offering secure online payment gateways like (iDeal, Visa, Giropay, Skrill, Neteller, Sofort, Paysafecard and Mastercard).

Music Hall Casino Review

If you are looking for a place to spend a few bucks and make quite a few, then Music Hall Casino could be right up your alley. Run by Microgaming Software, one of the largest companies in online gaming, Music Hall has quickly established itself as the place to be for people that are ready to turn around some serious cash while having a good time.

Music Hall Casino is a place for people to earn some cash.

All new players have the opportunity to get a match bonus on their first deposit of up to 25%. This 25% is only applicable for up to $500, but it is a great incentive to try out the casino. A minimal deposit will at least get your feet wet so that you can see just what all of the fuss is about. Deposits can be made through all of the typical methods: Paypal, credit card, wire transfer, and more.

Once inside of the Music Hall Casino, you will be shown a variety of different ways to spend your hard-earned cash. Don’t worry about ever being bored, though. At a glance, the different games will seem infinite, but the count is actually at 480––for the moment. Among those games, you will find the conventional slot machines, video poker, classic table games, and more. This is where Music Hall shines: Microgaming is one of the largest providers of virtual gambling in the world. If they can’t get their games performing well, then nobody can.

The best way to try out Music Hall may be combining their registration incentives with their remarkably low betting threshold. Many of the games, in fact most of them, require only a single penny in order to initiate the game. Now imagine dropping in $100 alongside of their 25% bonus. That’s a lot of spins and a great way to get ready to cash out.

Music Hall is available as an online portal as well as a software download. The software download works on both Windows and Mac operating systems, so the majority of users should be able to log in without any problem. If you do run into an issue, don’t waste any time contacting the 24/7 customer support that is on hand. These technicians will be ready to get you back to the virtual table in no time

Victoria Coren Mitchell Abandons PokerStars

Check out Casino.com R32,000 welcome bonus - click hereVictoria Coren Mitchell PokerStars may be going through an aggressive expansion plan, but their new businesses are coming at a cost. One of their most high profile representatives, Victoria Coren Mitchell, has quit her deal with the company in light of recent events. Ms. Mitchell is upset with PokerStars after they confirmed their plans to create an online casino.

Ms. Mitchell is an avid poker fan, in addition to being a professional player, but she does not share PokerStars’ views on an online casino. She believes that the rise in online casinos has done nothing to help people who have gambling addictions. In fact, she believes that online casinos make it harder for gambling addicts to take control of their problem.

This is what Coren Mitchell had to say on the matter: “Despite spending many years representing PokerStars, I am sorry to say that our association has come to an end. I believe that it is my personal and professional duty to end this association because of their plans to open an online casino.”

The criticisms of Coren Mitchell are not a surprise. She has always been a strong advocate of safe gambling practices, especially when it comes to other casino games. Her belief is that poker is a game where skill and chance mix. Players know the score in poker. They are facing each other, not a casino that always has a house edge. With games such as blackjack, roulette, craps and baccarat, players are always at a significant disadvantage.

PokerStars did make attempts to keep Coren Mitchell on board. They assured her that she would not have to promote their online casino, but that was not enough to change her mind. “Even though I would not be directly endorsing the online casino, continuing to work for PokerStars amounted to passive acceptance of their plans,” she said.

China’s Anti-graft Fallout

China CasinoThe casinos in Macau are registering low profits from high rollers due to the anti-corruption campaign by the Chinese government. However, if casino managements are to be believed, the revenue is likely to rise in the coming few months.

Corruption crackdown is lowering casino profits

The Chinese government has taken tough measures to control corruption in the country and gambling lovers are under fire along with officials suspected of corruption. The anti-corruption campaign has made the presence of high roller players rather negligible at the Macau casinos.

The casinos rely heavily on VIP money to generate profits. In their absence, many casinos are thinking of shutting shop for good. According to some casino managers, if high rollers continue to keep away from Macau then there is no way to predict where the Macau gambling industry will be headed after a few months. Big casinos can afford to wait longer and see how it all plays out. As of now the big gamblers are headed to other casinos around the world. They find it safer to play big at casinos that are not directly under the watchful eye of the Chinese government.

Everyone under fire

Junket operators have become part of the anti-corruption drive as they are contacted by officials to gather information related to casinosEuropa Casino 500 free spins on Marvel roulette - play now. They have been allotted the task of bringing big money players to the casino and looking after their needs during their stay at the casinos. However, they do not seem optimistic about big casino business any more. Many junket firms have shut down since the beginning of this year.

It is the VIP money that brings big profits to casinos. It was reported that last year two-thirds of revenue for Macau gambling industry was brought in by high rollers. The figure is reportedly way bigger than the Las Vegas revenue.

However, the government believes that it is still helping the Macau gambling industry in growing. Macau is the only place in China where gambling is legal. However, industry insiders say that the government is not helping anyway by forcing the junkets to close down.