Corruption Crackdown is Adversely Affecting Macau Revenues

Bar bar black sheep $/€1400 free plus 30 spins at Casino Mate - play nowMacau casinosFor the fourth straight month, the gaming revenues from the casino operations of 35 casinos in Macau took a precipitous drop in September. The drop of 11.7 percent (29 billion patacas in September 2013 to 25.6 billion patacas in September 2014) also represents the largest such drop since June of 2009. The most surprising part was the number came out a little better expected by analysts who were looking for a drop of 13-15 percent.

What is causing the Drop?

At this time, there are two primary factors that are causing this strain on revenues. First, the overall economy in China has been slowing, causing casual or mass market gamblers to take a more conservative approach with their discretionary spending. Secondly, a crackdown on corruption amongst some of the wealthiest companies, private individuals and government officials is keeping high-rollers from frequenting their favorite casinos. A couple of secondary factors are current visa restrictions and labour unrest that is coming as a result of a worker shortage in the area.

What Does the Future Hold

After several years of robust growth, it would appear that gambling operations in Macau need to brace themselves for a rocky ride. As the economy slows, it’s too early to determine how long this issue will continue. According to an anonymous gaming analyst, “The crackdown, transit visa restrictions and other factors have hit revenues and we don’t expect this situation to get better anytime soon.”

The big losers figure to be the workers in Macau. The gaming industry is responsible for 90% of the tax revenues received by the government, which figures to affect the ongoing development of the infrastructure needed to support future casino projects like the eight major casino projects currently under development. Also, any resulting layoffs from a recession would be a terrible strain on labour negotiations that are currently taking place.

Weike Gaming’s Next Destination Could Be Asia

Weike GamingWorld class companies and organisations join in the ever expanding world of gambling technology and services. Gaming machine providers the world over look to blow competition out of the water with new and improved systems to deliver heightened player experience every single time.

Setting a trend

Initiated in 1998, Weike Gaming Technology has since breached several milestones in innovative technological advances, including acquiring license and approval of Casino Regulatory Authority in Singapore. Working to the exacting standards of Singapore’s CRA, the organisation is to edge into one of the largest expansions in Asian casino game licensing ever.

Several countries refer to the casino gaming model set by Singapore when employing regulations in their regions for its exemplary practice.

The gaming solutions and systems specialists would like to expand gaming provisions to countries like Japan, however without any regulations in place at the moment. Their main focus remains markets in Macau, Singapore, and the Philippines.

While majority slot machine providers are based outside Asia and focus mainly on business in Australia and America, Weike Gaming considers Asia their primary and premium market. Games produced by them are aptly themed to cater to the affluent to engage the discerning player.


Customised options

Get your $300 triple welcome bonus at emucasino - join nowHaving predominantly catered to clubs in Singapore has gained the organisation a more niche expertise in how to best customise games for smaller yet loyal player audience. The company has created games for popular casino gambling destinations in Resorts World Sentosa and Marina Bay Sands. Apart from which Weike is soon to transfer customised gaming systems and machines to Macau, and are waiting on approval from DICJ, local regulatory authority based there.

Not only does the player receive best possible end product in terms of game quality and play experience, casinos and slot clubs receive special attention. Terms of size and aesthetic of slot machine stations and how they finally integrate with the established tables on the casino floor are parameters that hold priority.

The firm is set on the path of impressive gaming solutions with immediate success found in the standalone Infinity X slot machine. Other popular games prevalent in Macau and Singapore are ‘The Landlord’ based on Chinese card game and ‘Qin Shi Huang’ themed after first Emperor of China. Progressive slot games are to be introduced in Asia soon.

MGM Resorts and Slot Machines


MGM ResortsThere are many casino conglomerates that get their income through overseas casinos, primarily in Macau or other parts of Asia. However, MGM Resorts has always maintained a very strong base in the United States. Their principal profits are always derived from casinos in Las Vegas.

Over 40% of the money that comes from the United States operations of MGM Resorts is related to table games and slots. Despite only taking a dollar or a few quarters for one spin, it is amazing how much money slot machines can make for these companies. It is stated that slots bring in almost 60% of the revenue for United States casinos.

Even though slot machine revenues have declined a bit over the past few years, there is still a huge chunk of revenue to be made from them. For example, in 2013 the state of Nevada reported that their casinos had brought in $7 billion from slot machines alone. This is down from the 2007 figures that were at around $9 billion. The percentage decline has been from 65% of total gambling revenue to 60%. Despite that fall, slots are still the “bread and butter” for Nevada casinos and MGM Resorts.

Jackpot city casino 2x 100% match bonuses - play nowMost experts believe that the decline in slot income is a direct result of the 2008 economic collapse. While revenues from slots have improved since 2008 and 2009, they have not found their way back to pre-2008 figures. It will take a few years for that to happen.

Unlike table games and VIP games, slots are played by ordinary people. Rich people rarely play slots. An economic collapse has most impact on the lower and middle classes, and they are the customer base for Nevada’s slot machines.

For MGM Resorts, the slot machines in the United States provided them with around $1.5 billion in 2010. This figure is at $1.7 billion for 2013. The increase from 2010 to 2013 is based on MGM managing to increase the amount of money they make per slot machine.

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Nursery Rhyme Comes Alive with Georgie Porgie Slots

Georgie Porgie SlotsGeorgie Porgie kissed all the girls in elementary school and made them cry. We all remember the nursery rhyme and it was always one of the best ones to sing just because of the humor found in it. The nursery rhyme comes alive with Georgie Porgie slots.

Just as you would expect, Georgie Porgie is not the best looking guy on the block. He has red hair, drools a lot, and loves to kiss the girls. The only problem is, the girls don’t want to be kissed and so they run away crying. As the game unfolds throughout the reels, Georgie Porgie turns out to be a little too self-confident. This works out for players because the Georgie Porgie logo substitutes for wild symbols. He pays quite a bit of money for his own picture and therefore anything with the GeorgieGrand Fortune Casino 200% welcome bonus - claim now Porgie wild symbol will pay at a 5X multiplier. Additionally, whenever there are wild symbols on their own, they can pay anywhere between 1250 and 75,000 coins, depending upon how many there are and where they are on the reels.

Georgie Porgie also has some stinky breath going on. Again, this works to the player’s advantage because there are fresh mint scatter symbols. If there are two on the reels, players get awarded a 2X bet. If there are three or more across the reels, it will award anywhere between 15 and 25 free spins depending upon how many scatter awards there are. These will get paid at a 5X multiplier, resulting in a lot of money.

There’s also another unique feature on Georgie Porgie. Apparently, Georgie Porgie likes to gamble. There is a “gamble” button that can be pressed after every when. This gives players the chance to either double or quadruple their win. A card is shown and players have to determine whether it is red or black. The Gamble can be pressed again and again until the gambling limit is reached.

The Georgie Porgie slots machine from Microgaming™ takes the nursery rhyme to an all new level. The characters come alive and everyone can see Georgie Porgie for who he really is. The slots feature girls crying as well as the cool kids trying to hide all the girls so that Georgie can keep his lips off them. A nursery rhyme has never been so fun to play – especially when there are 15 pay lines on five reels. Up to 25 free games can be won, 5X multipliers are wild, scatters are found throughout and the jackpot is worth up to 375,000 coins.

When players start the game, they choose whether they want to start off with a little money or a lot of money. The coin sizes range from one penny to one dollar – which means the maximum wager is $15 per game – and the minimum is a measly $0.15 per game. This means that players can enjoy the game regardless of what their budget is. If you loved the nursery rhyme, you’ll love the slot game even more.

Three Tips to Wager on Slots with Success!

Go Wild Casino $£€1000 Welcome package - PLAY NOWSmart slots players know it is not possible to influence the outcome of games. So instead of beating the slots, they prefer to mix it up a bit, take some chances worth taking and play sensibly. Here are three Slots tipstips that can prepare you for a rewarding game of slots.

Make the most of pay lines

If you are playing multi-reel and multi-line slot games, don’t always opt for ‘max credits’. By selecting ‘max credits’ you stand to win only if you hit the symbol selection on 1 line. Select maximum lines to increase your chances of winning regardless of the line on which the winning combination appears. You can consider this strategy: bet on all the lines and bet at least one credit on all the lines. This is because a machine doesn’t adjust its spins according to the number of lines you bet. If you bet less than all the lines and a combination comes up on a line you haven’t bet on, you won’t hit it. This will lower your hit frequency and affect your payback percentage.

Identify slots with high and low variance

Variance is a measure of the frequency and size of a payout. Identify slot games that pay out small amounts very often and those that give fewer but bigger wins. When you’re playing for fun or looking to satisfy the wagering requirements on a casino promotion, opt for slots with a low variance. When you’re playing to win, find slots with a high variance. A high variance slot may have many ‘Wild’ symbols that line up to maximize line wins with a single spin. Another example of a slot with high variance is one with a combination that pays out 10,000 or more coins.

Play maximum coins on progressive slots

Playing maximum coins can work out well for you. Look at it this way: someone has to win the jackpot and it could be you! However, you have to do it on a progressive slot machine. By playing one coin at a time, there is no way you can win a big jackpot. If anything, you are helping the next player by adding to the pot.

A bonus tip is to fix your deposit limit to resist chasing your losses. All the best!

Japanese Prime Minister Considers Casinos’ Economic Benefits

japanese casinosShinzo Abe- Japan’s Prime Minister- has reportedly expressed an interest on allowing for the presence of some casinos in Japan in hopes that such a move would work to boost the Japanese economy. Already, the government of Japan has reported plans to open “integrated resorts” or casinos to economic strategizing. As of June 13, three officials of the Japanese government had provided information verifying this news.

Abe had in fact repeatedly expressed support for casinos in the last weeks of May and the early part of June. During a trip to Singapore in May, Abe had been quotes as saying that integrated resorts would benefit governmental attempts to improve economic health.

The government of Japan has several goals set forth that it hopes to meet by 2020. One of these goals is to boost tourism income by attracting twice as many travelers to Japanese destinations annually. Learn new offers from KarambaThose who support the opening of casino resorts in Japan feel that such attractions would be likely to bring in more foreign visitors while also bringing in money from Japanese citizens who are interested in gambling.

Officials who provided information regarding this upcoming economic move by the government reported that the Japanese government had at first implementing the casino idea in the package of economic stimulation measures that began last year and were known as “Japan is Back”. However, certain cabinet members decided to wait on the casino measure until the general public was more aware of the casino industry and familiar with its benefits.

According to Brokerage CLSA, Japan could bring in as much as $40 billion thanks to a casino economic initiative.

LEED certified casinos give gamblers new options

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Casinos aren’t typically the first place you think about when trying to minimize your environmental footprint. However, with thousands of casinos strewn across the country the collective impact of the buildings is immense. To respond to their customers concerns, some casinos are now implementing progressive changes to make their buildings more environmentally friendly. From purchasing “green” products for their casinos to building state-of-the-art LEED certified casinos, the gambling industry is zooming forward to provide their clients with enjoyable gambling that doesn’t come at the cost of the Earth.

casinoOne Las Vegas casino showcases this new-found attitude in the gambling industry. Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino recently announced plans to expand their resort, which is already among the five largest casinos in the United States. The convention center expansion is planned as a LEED certified facility. During construction, builders plan to incorporate reclaimed materials, recycling 80% of all convention materials. Additionally, the building will include solar panels on the roof, further reducing the casino’s energy reliance. According to designers, the casino will generate power equal to that used by 1,3000 homes.

Other new casino launches that feature “green” building techniques are forecasted to follow. Rivers Casino in Chicago recently achieved LEED Gold status. The casino sports features such as LED light fixtures, low flow toilets, and onsite storm water treatment. Casino owners hope that the upfront investment will not only attract new clients, but also save on long term operating costs.

There are other ways in which casinos are reducing their reliance on waste. For example, one company, EGM Green, specializes in producing casino tables that comply with LEED standards. This company also dabbles in creating other types of environmentally friendly casino products, such as chairs for slots machines and bars.

Though casinos are taking different tactics, it’s clear that these new LEED certified casinos give gamblers more options than ever. Additionally, maintenance cost savings give owners extra incentives to seek LEED certification. It remains to be seen if the majority of casinos will continue this trend of “going green”.

Battle for Japanese Casino License Heats Up

Japanese GamblingFor many years, large casinos throughout the world have catered to the wealthy Japanese “whales” who have established a reputation as the biggest gamblers in the world. Casino gambling is illegal in Japan forcing those who love the games to seek outside destinations. Perhaps, that is all about to change.

New Laws

The gambling industry has become a reliable way for governments to raise revenues. Macau is a great example. Japan has been selected to host the 2020 Olympics and finds themselves in need of capital for infrastructure needed for the games. The Japanese government is now considering a major change to the country’s casino gambling laws and every major casino operation in the world is ready to jump in with a lucrative bid.

Boyd Gaming

Boyd Gaming’s CEO Keith Smith surprised many investment analysts when he indicated his organization was interested in becoming a player in the Japanese gambling market. While he cautioned everything was preliminary, he indicated that he thought Japan offered a great opportunity to grow the business and improve the company’s stock price. He commented on the lost opportunity the company suffered in Macau due to the size of the company at the time, but he feels they are now better prepared to make a major leap. time.

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Other Interest in Japan Casinos

To date, many of the large casino operators have begun lining up financing and showing serious interest in the Japanese market. MGM Resorts International, Las Vegas Sands Corp., Caesars Entertainment Corporation and the Malaysia-based Genting Group have all expressed substantial interest in gaining a license in Japan. Las Vegas Sand’s Chairman Sheldon Adelson implied he was willing to bid whatever it would take in order to secure an exclusive gaming license in Japan.

If Japan makes the decision to legalize casino gambling, they will need to move soon. The Olympics are only six years away and there is a lot of work to be done. Of course, they certainly won’t have trouble raising revenues from gambling licenses.

A Declining Casino Market Hits Atlantic City Hard

casinoatlanticcityThe closing of Atlantic City’s famous Atlantic Club Casino Hotel is just the latest in an overall decline in the once bustling casino activity in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Struggling after the staggering effect Hurricane Sandy had on the city’s economy, this latest strike to the knees of the casino industry has many people wondering what the future holds for gambling in Atlantic City.

A Serious Blow To The City
The industry, and the city, were hit hard by the latest closure:

  • 1,600 jobs lost
  • 800 hotel rooms no longer available

Assistance was offered to casino employees through their union, who helped the workers apply for unemployment benefits, food stamps, and other services.

A Classic Hotel Struggles To Stay Ahead

Mummys Gold $/€500 free on Golden Princess - play nowThe Atlantic Club, once a hot spot for such entertainers as Frank Sinatra, found it hard to keep up with larger, more modern casinos such as Tropicana and Caesar’s Palace. The larger casinos, with vacancies of upwards of 2,000 rooms, make it difficult for classic hotels such as the Atlantic Club to compete with their 800 room capacities. Modern amenities (like popular night clubs) encourage vacation-goers to choose the larger, more popular hotels, leaving clubs like the Atlantic to fall into obscurity.

Club Almost Saved By A Surprising Player
The online casino PokerStars, as they fought for rights to operate within New Jersey boundaries, planned to purchase the Atlantic Club. The website funneled $11 million into the failing casino, though faced licensing problems with New Jersey government officials. For an online gaming company to operate in New Jersey they must also be paired with an actual brick-and-mortar casino. No other online casino chose to attempt to pair with the Atlantic Club, though many speculated that this may happen.

A Weekend Like No Other

fantasyspringA great casino always gives back to customers what they have given in one way or another. This approach to customer service is part of the foundation of the approach taken by Fantasy Springs Resort and Casino. As part of this mission, they are creating a holiday promotion that is being known as a 100 percent Payback Weekend. During this time, players can be fully engaged with a huge amount of potential when it comes to fun and winning big.

Lowering the Risk

The major draw for players is that free slot play is raising the stakes. Players will be reimbursed 100 percent of any losses that they suffer during this special promotion. Gamers can play like they never have before, cashing in on only fun and success. Anyone participating in the event must maintain at least $100 minimum in play with a maximum bet of $1,500 as the events take place. Any payouts that players take home will be distributed over a three-month period in three equal payments.

Every Minute is Valuable

The hammer strikes back with two free game mode multiplayers with THORThere are plenty of other holiday promotions that are drawing the attention of players as well. Among the most popular games hitting the floors of Fantasy Springs Resort and Casino is the Wreaths and Cash Giveaway. This contest offers players as much as $12,000 in potential winnings. This game is also appealing due to the fact that it will be giving away a portion of $3,000 every 30 minutes to guests who are getting in on the action.

More Than Money

More than cash is being put on the table at the Fantasy Springs Resort. They are also holding the Be Bold BMW Giveaway that is putting up one of the latest 2014 models to roll off of the factory floor. Anyone who is a member of the Fantasy Spring’s Players Club will have free access to all events. They simply need to swipe their member cards at the entrance kiosk for fast and easy entry. There is also a special Christmas giveaway that lasts for a tantalizing 12 hours. During this period, $20,000 in prizes and cash will be up for grabs.