Virgin Online Casino

Virgin’s Online Casino Takes Gameplay to the Next Level As a major economic force all on its own, Virgin has long helped gamblers in the UK get to the world’s hottest casinos via its air travel services and stay in touch with its communications products. With its online casino venture, however, the company is making into a powerhouse of online slots, card games, and more. Better yet, the casino comes with all of the traditional perks enjoyed by gamers in their favorite brick-and-mortar game houses throughout the world.

Great Everyday Promotions for Casino Members

Like all online casinos, the Virgin Casino requires new members to join before they can start perusing the site’s extensive collection of card games and popular, virtual slot machines. The site usually has a promotion in effect for new members, which offers to match their initial account deposit up to a maximum of £200. This can essentially double a new member’s available pool of money for placing bets and playing slots, and it’s a great way to come out “ahead” even before the first bet is made.

Virgin Casino HomepageIn addition to this ongoing sign-up bonus, the casino has a few free slot machines that can win users free spins on paying machines throughout the site’s line-up of slots. The casino also offers community jackpots to users that they can win throughout the day. Each slot game or card game puts one entry into the site’s sweepstake and winners are named frequently – visit website.

Virgin’s Player Club Keeps Tabs on Gambling Choices

Most players benefit from player clubs in the offline world, with points that add up to things like free hotel rooms, complementary buffet meals, and more. In the online realm, such clubs are rare. Even so, offers its own V*Points loyalty system that rewards users in digital ways for their continued gambling. Each time a user places a bet or plays a popular slot game, they’re awarded points based on their bet amount, their winnings, and how much they play. Over time, those points add up and they can be redeemed for “free” cash that’s perfectly valid in every one of the casino’s games.

Popular Games Will Keep Users Busy

It might be time to check out Virgin Casino. With a great player club and excellent sign-up bonuses, the site is already well ahead of the competition. Add in slots like the Dark Knight, Tomb Raider™, and many more, and this site is a must-see for dedicated gamers.

Virgin Online Casino