Drop in Gaming Revenue of Macau Casinos

This certainly is not the best of the times for casinos in Macau. In fact, it may actually be among the lowest points in the history of gambling revenues recorded in the casinos of the city. As per a report by the Statistics and Census Service of the city, March 2015 was the worst time for Macau-based casinos after the melt-down experienced in 2012 (September). Around 2.27 million people visited casinos in Macau in March 2015, which depicted a decline of 13.5 percent compared to the figures of March 2014.


Gambling market in casino badly hit

Moreover, the gaming revenue of the gambling industry in Macau also saw a sharp dip with an almost 40 percent decline in the numbers compared annually. The industry, which witnessed a steady growth for about ten years was booming a few years ago. However, since the past ten years, it has been struggling with falling numbers. The punters are blaming it on the corruption crackdown by the national government, which is keeping the high rollers from playing at casinos in the city.

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Government interference

Tourists trying their luck at casinos in Macau were a prominent part of the revenue of the industry. In the first four months of the year, about 70 percent gamblers from the home country visited casinos in Macau, but since March the number has been declining steeply. A drop of 17.6 percent was recorded in the numbers when compared with those of March 2014.

Angus Chan and Anthony Wong, analysts from UBS Securities Asia Ltd predicted that the numbers are expected to fall even in the future. They said that the figures could fall down by almost 40 percent for the month of April.