Privacy Policy

At Benjamin Goldman, we respect the privacy of our visitors, and this policy further details our storage and best practices. The information we collect will never be loaned, rented, sold or otherwise disclosed, and never be used without your consent.

We do however reserve the right to collect and store information we gather on our secure servers, which includes email subscriptions or membership information collected through our site.

We are committed to the privacy of players and have implemented certain procedures and protocols to ensure we are run a safe entity for our users. Our terms of service clearly state that persons under the age of 18 are not permitted to enter or access any information in any form.

By clicking on the links on our website, you agree that you fully understand that we are not responsible for any activities and transactions that you pursue on those websites. Furthermore, you should be aware that not all privacy policies are alike so it is recommended that you take a moment to read the policy of any site you enter.

We do not currently use cookies, but if and when we do to enhance our user experiences, they will only be used to ensure preferences and settings are preserved, and never link cookies to individual users.

We reserve the right to make any changes to this policy without notice so we encourage you to check back regularly. Should you have any questions or concerns with the privacy policy of Benjamin Goldman, please be sure to get in touch.