Victoria Coren Mitchell Abandons PokerStars

Check out R32,000 welcome bonus - click hereVictoria Coren Mitchell PokerStars may be going through an aggressive expansion plan, but their new businesses are coming at a cost. One of their most high profile representatives, Victoria Coren Mitchell, has quit her deal with the company in light of recent events. Ms. Mitchell is upset with PokerStars after they confirmed their plans to create an online casino.

Ms. Mitchell is an avid poker fan, in addition to being a professional player, but she does not share PokerStars’ views on an online casino. She believes that the rise in online casinos has done nothing to help people who have gambling addictions. In fact, she believes that online casinos make it harder for gambling addicts to take control of their problem.

This is what Coren Mitchell had to say on the matter: “Despite spending many years representing PokerStars, I am sorry to say that our association has come to an end. I believe that it is my personal and professional duty to end this association because of their plans to open an online casino.”

The criticisms of Coren Mitchell are not a surprise. She has always been a strong advocate of safe gambling practices, especially when it comes to other casino games. Her belief is that poker is a game where skill and chance mix. Players know the score in poker. They are facing each other, not a casino that always has a house edge. With games such as blackjack, roulette, craps and baccarat, players are always at a significant disadvantage.

PokerStars did make attempts to keep Coren Mitchell on board. They assured her that she would not have to promote their online casino, but that was not enough to change her mind. “Even though I would not be directly endorsing the online casino, continuing to work for PokerStars amounted to passive acceptance of their plans,” she said.